Does it matter which Georgetown/Lexington pediatric dentist you choose? From your point of view, they probably all look the same. But to a child, a list of local dentists is like a list of nightmares.

Granted, your children might not be scared of the dentist. But they will be if you choose a humorless, ill-tempered dentist who derides them about their brushing habits.

On the other hand, you could choose a kids dentist in Georgetown who makes dental appointments fun. And we’re going to show you how to do this with the following dentist guide. Keep reading to learn the mistakes to avoid when choosing a Georgetown dentist for kids.

1. Wrong Location

As mentioned, dental visits are unnerving for some kids and downright frightening for others. A long car ride to the dentist makes this anxiety even worse.

Furthermore, what if your children need emergency dental services? They shouldn’t have to suffer a 40-minute car ride with severe toothaches or mouth injuries.

On the other hand, waiting for treatment in the emergency room can take even longer. It’s best to choose a nearby dentist who provides emergency services. 

2. Low Availability

How soon can the dentist fit you in for a consultation? If the soonest appointment time is 3 months away, that’s a bad sign.

To illustrate, imagine you have to cancel an appointment due to a last-minute schedule change. Rescheduling this appointment means you have to wait 3 more months to see the dentist. And what if you have to reschedule it again?

Delaying your dental treatments/checkups is bad for your child’s oral health. To ensure timely dental treatment, choose a dentist with better availability.

3. Family Dentistry vs Pediatric Dentistry

Initially, it seems more convenient to take your whole family to the same family dentist. And family dentists are competent enough to treat most childhood dental issues.

However, children are not the main focus of a family dental practice. While these dentists accept child patients, they mainly target adults. So, although the parents are comfortable in a family dentist’s office, children may find it boring or stressful.

Conversely, children are usually happier with a pediatric dentist. That’s the whole point of pediatric dentistry—to give kids the best and most enjoyable dental care experience. Pediatric dentists are also better qualified to treat kids who have rare/complicated dental problems.

4. Wrong Age Range

Generally, pediatric dentists treat children from birth to age 12. This is the age range in which children still have baby teeth. The first tooth appears during infancy, and the last falls out by age 12.

But some pediatric dentists treat a more limited age range. For example, they might only treat children who have begun losing their baby teeth (ages 6-12). Or perhaps they treat only children from infancy to 6 years, before their first baby tooth comes out.

If you have or are planning to have multiple kids, choose a dentist who treats a broad age range. This way, you can take all of your kids to the same dentist. 

5. Insufficient Experience

Truly, a pediatric dentist who has just completed his/her college training is only half-trained. The other half of the training is learned through experience.

Before you decide on a kids dentist in Georgetown, check their experience. Find out how many years they’ve been treating children in your community.

6. Forgetting to Check Specific Services

If your child has unique dental needs, find out who provides the specific services you require. For example, search online for “Georgetown pediatric dentist lip tie” or “pediatric dentist tongue tie near me.” Then, you can compare the pricing of these services and the user ratings of the dentists who provide them.

7. Bad Reviews

Every business has some bad reviews online. But you should beware of dentists who have repeated complaints about the same problems. 

Also, a good dentist will have mostly positive reviews. Steer clear of dentists who have as many negative reviews as positive ones.

8. Grumpy Staff

It’s also good to meet the dentist’s staff in person. Then, you can see for yourself if the office is a fun and inviting place for children.

Hopefully, you are greeted with the warm smiles of friendly receptionists. You should also see kid-friendly decorations and possibly some form of waiting room entertainment.

If the room is drab and the staff is grumpy, don’t bother making an appointment. Your child will not be happy in such an office.

9. Out-of-Network Care

Lastly, confirm that the dentist accepts your insurance. You might be able to get a list of in-network pediatric dentists from your insurance company. If not, you can call dentists individually and ask.

Additionally, you need to research the coverage details of your insurance policy. Specifically, make sure that the services you need are covered under your plan.

If you can’t get the insurance coverage you desire, you could look into free/low-cost options. We warn you though: these options may not provide the services you require. Certain dental procedures will always be expensive without insurance. 

As such, we urge you to get the dental insurance your child needs. This is the only way to receive high-quality dental care at an affordable price.

Choose the Best Kids Dentist in Georgetown

Don’t forget these tips when choosing a kids dentist in Georgetown. Furthermore, until you make your choice, keep this page bookmarked.

Lastly, you’ll find that Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg meets all the essential criteria explained above. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself! Contact us now to schedule your consultation in Lexington, Georgetown, or Frankfurt, KY.