Your child should have their first dentist visit by the time their first birthday comes around. So, it’s never too early to find a pediatric dentist for your family. If you’re looking for a Georgetown dentist, look no further than Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg.

Here, our mission is to teach and motivate your kids to take proper oral care so they have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

It’s natural for kids to experience anxiety during their first few dentist visits, which is why our team focuses on being a kids dentist Georgetown residents love to see! We serve the Central Kentucky area, so we’re also a Lexington pediatric dentist as well.

If you’re looking to bring your child in for their first Central Kentucky or Georgetown dentist visit, you’re probably wondering why choose a pediatric dentist instead of a standard one.

A pediatric dentist can make a child’s introduction to dental care fun and more comforting for many reasons. Read on to find out why you should choose a pediatric dentist!

1. Teach Good Habits

Starting your child’s oral health routine early on will teach them to value oral health care. Make your pediatric dental appointment easy and fun to help ease your child’s fears of the dentist.

Routines are important for kids at every age. Get into the routine of making your pediatric dental appointments regularly and on time. This way, you will be setting the example that oral hygiene is important and dental visits should be a priority.

Plus, a pediatric dentist will help to explain how important appointments are in a way your child will understand!

2. Make the Dentist Fun

Going to the dentist can be scary, even for adults. Dealing with dental issues for children might feel intimidating at first, especially when it’s brand new to your child.

Pediatric dentists have thought of ways to make visits to the dentist more fun. At Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg, we create fun incentives, like our No Cavity Club, to help encourage your child to stick to their appointments and stay committed to oral hygiene.

3. Learn Proper Oral Care

There are so many types of dental services and oral care steps to learn when you’re new to them!

Pediatric dentists have experience in explaining things so that your child can grasp all the new ideas and steps they’ll be learning.

A professional is used to caring for many different kinds of children and is understanding of different needs and levels of comfort.

4. Catch Oral Issues Early

A big part of improving dental health is catching any issues early on. When you make regular visits to your pediatric dentist, it will be easier to keep your child’s oral health in check.

Your pediatric dentist knows how to treat your child’s teeth as they grow. They will also know how to teach your child preventative care so that they have healthy teeth as an adult as well.

One early childhood issue some children have are lip or tongue ties. These are sometimes common in infants and, left untreated, can cause speech and eating issues.

Visits to your pediatric dentist lip tie specialist can help treat this before it becomes a serious issue. If you’re wondering, “where is there a pediatric dentist tongue tie near me?”, just call one of our pediatric dental offices in Georgetown, Lexington, or Frankfort!

5. Pediatric Dentists Are Comforting

No matter how much you prepare your child for the dentist, it can still be an intimidating experience. While adult dental offices are often clean and simple, a pediatric dentist’s office is anything but.

Pediatric offices take care to make their environment more inviting and keep children feeling at ease. Pediatric offices are often decorated in soft or fun colors and provide things like toys or children’s magazines to keep them preoccupied.

While adult dental equipment may look and feel scary at times, pediatric dental equipment is built for your child’s small mouth and comfort. Pediatric equipment is an easier introduction to dental techniques!

6. Get Unique Care and Service

Pediatric dentists have plenty of experience working with children with different needs, personalities, and levels of understanding.

If you’re wondering if there is the right dentist out there for your child, know that at Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg, our staff is dedicated to treating every child that visits one of our offices.

We’re excited about providing care to children and helping them learn and grow in their knowledge of oral health care!

7. Create Dentistry Trust

Another great reason to start your child off with a pediatric dentist is that it will ease them into learning how to trust dentists!

Pediatric dentists are gentle, and understanding, and teach your child why it’s important to have good oral health.

Establishing a good relationship between your dentist and child early on will show them why it’s a good idea to also trust dentists in the future.

Creating a dental routine with your regular pediatric dentist will encourage your child to be comfortable trusting a dentist’s advice or suggestions.

8. Leave With a Smile

Last, but certainly not least, taking your child to a pediatric dentist means your child might even leave their appointments with a smile on their face!

A dentist dedicated to keeping your child comfortable will give them more reasons to get through their visits without fear. Most pediatric dentists also offer rewards to children for making it through their dental appointments, like small toys or gifts.

At Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg, our staff is dedicated to making sure our patients have as pleasant an experience as possible. We love to see our patients leave with smiles on their faces!

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Now you know all the great reasons to find a pediatric dentist for your child’s first visit! If you’re looking for a pediatric Georgetown dentist or Lexington pediatric dentist, try visiting one of our offices. We also have an office in Frankfort!

Contact us today to make an appointment or ask about our services and get your child started on their oral health journey.